Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Smartphone Apps That Save Time

You are a busy person; you really are always focusing on several projects and trying to hit deadlines.  It’s hard enough to find the time to fit a trip to the gym in, let alone play games on your smartphone. You would like smartphone apps that will save you time, not waste it, but you don’t have time to hunt for them. Well, you are in luck; below is a list of 5 smartphone apps that will actually simplify your life.

Top 5 Business Apps

    WhosHere: This app enables you to find freelance contractors in your area easily. Say you need to finish a project due tomorrow in Chicago and you are flying today. You can search for freelancers with the app then send a free text or call to the people who respond to your search.
    Locale: What’s more uncomfortable then hearing your phone blaring during the middle of a vital business meeting? You won’t have to worry about this with Locale. This service enables you to select your phone settings determined by your most common locations. For instance, you can automatically set your phone to vibrate mode whenever you enter your office or the local cafe.
    WaveSecure: One of the hazards of traveling often is the chance of loosing your phone. This app will let you lock your phone and backup the data stored on it remotely, as well as monitor its location through the SIM card. Talk about reassurance.
    Bump: Bump is an incredible little app. It allows you to exchange contact information with fellow business professionals merely by tapping that person’s phone with yours.
    Scan2PDF Mobile: The Scan2PDF Mobile app lets you scan invoices, proposals, business reports, and other documents using your smartphone camera and convert them into color PDFs. You can then e-mail these scanned documents straight to your computer’s desktop.


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