Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Windows Phone

Microsoft is among the most powerful companies in the world. Its Windows and Office products power computers across the globe. Microsoft’s chief, Bill Gates, remains one of the more important names in the technology field. But one thing…Microsoft is not cool—at least not yet. Having said that, there’s some signs that Microsoft’s new smartphone software, Windows Phone, might change this.

Microsoft has long battled an industry reputation as a sort of stodgy dullard. There’s a decent list of unsuccessful Microsoft products. Remember the Zune music player? Perhaps not. How about the Kin phone? That flop has long vanished from the minds of most consumers.

Windows Phone software may change this, as it is a success among the technology press and consumers alike. Consumers are saying that in general Windows Phone is one of the most effective operating systems on the market.

Windows Phone earns approval for its bold on-screen typography and its mosaic of animated tiles on its home screen. This presents a visual contrast with the home screen of the iPhone. The operating system receives points, too, for making it simple for users to gain access to social networks. When friends or family members post pictures, messages, or updates to Twitter or Facebook, the tiles representing these services pop into life on Windows Phone-equipped devices.

Even with all of these features and praise Windows Phone hasn’t been the biggest seller. This is perhaps due to the phones that come loaded with the OS. Many individuals believe these phones are dull and wireless services providers are still pushing the iPhone and Android in a big way.

The Windows Phone, though, does provide some hope for Microsoft’s endeavours to capture some cool. Certainly, big sales and ubiquitous products are important, but a touch of hipness never hurt a company, either.


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